oup of the CPC Central Committee on the prevention and control of the epidemic, made the remarks while ins

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pecting the Institute of Pathogen Biology at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. After hearing re

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ports on the updates of the research on the prevention and control of the epidemic, Li expressed a

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cknowledgement to the researchers' dedication and hard work. Noting that it takes both nationw

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ide action and scientific support to battle the virus, Li called for efforts to mobilize the best scie

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ntific research resources to tackle the most urgent challenges in epidemic prevention and control. Li as


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ked researchers to communicate with the public with their authoritative knowledge

on how the virus is transmitted and other issues of public concern to facilitate scientific prevention and control. Stressing the important role of effective drugs in curing patients and reducing mortality, Li urged researchers to "race against time" to pool wisdom and study treatments of cured cases in all-out research efforts on effective d


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rugs. Li also stressed respecting science and scientific rules in drug and vaccine res

earch to ensure safety and effectiveness.Govt investment of 110b yuan to help put China in top talent, quality echelon China will devote more resources to reforming its manufacturing sector with new, innovative technologies, while improving the higher education system's ability to produce quality talent capable of original, groundbreaking work, official

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